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Sealy Ortho Posture Pillow Top Divan Set

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Product Description

Sealy Ortho Posture Pillow Top.

The Posture Tech spring system provides even weight distribution from the heaviest parts of the body. The spring provides a softer feel, which gradually gets firmer as pressure increases, without sacrificing comfort. The whole spring unit is twice tempered to set the springs and make them stronger smaller diameter allows more springs per mattress than conventional beds and increases the comfort life.

Sealy Smart Fibres.

Sealy's range of 'Smart Fibres' mattresses with Purotex hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval endorsement. It is so important that those suffering with house dust mite allergy are able to confidently choose a mattress that will help them to reduce the allergens in their bedroom, in the knowledge that it has undergone stringent scientific testing. Sealy Smart Fibres can give them that confidence.
Adaptive is an intelligent textile technology, changing passive textiles into textiles capable to respond dynamically to environmental changes like temperature and moisture levels. This breakthrough innovation is based on a unique hydro-functional polymer whose properties change in response to temperature, releasing and transporting moisture.

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