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Breasley Uno Vitality Mattress

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Product Description

Breasley Uno Vitality Mattress (20cm Deep).

Offering you overnight support and comfort, Breasley's Uno Vitality Mattress is one that you're sure to be happy to sleep on. This no turn, no rotate mattress is rated as a medium in terms of firmness, making it a generally supportive bed that everyone can enjoy. This is aided by the Vitality's ergonomic design, made to provide extra support to your shoulders and your hips. The layer of memory foam will perform a similar function for you, shaping to your body in order to provide you with support where it is needed the most, alongside a bottom layer of support foam to provide your body with generalised support. Don't think that the Uno Vitality only provides you with comfortable support, however! Coming with a removable and easily washable non-quilted cover, aided by Breasley's own Fresche Bioscience antimicrobial treatment, the Uno Vitality will provide you with a clean and safe sleeping environment.

Protecting you from bacterial and fungal attack, it will also inhibit, if not prevent, the growth of dust mites, helping you keep your home safe and allergen-free! And when you get the Uno Vitality delivered to your home, you won't have to worry about it being difficult to get in your bedroom. Delivered vacuum packed, the Uno Vitality will be easy to get into your bedroom, and will only take a few hours to recover to it's unpacked state. Taking all these features into consideration, it becomes easy to see that Breasley's Uno Vitality Mattress is an addition to your bedroom that you'll love having, especially when you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning with a smile on your face.

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