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Latex Mattress

Latex is like the Goldilocks of mattress solutions. Neither too soft nor too hard, it’s just right. This natural material derived from the sap of the rubber tree. As a result it is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

The elasticity of latex ensures your mattress fits perfectly to the contours of your body and springs back into shape. If you suffer from a bad back or you are recovering from an injury, latex’s natural ability to be responsive to your body shape will provide pressure point relief and, more importantly, a blissful night’s sleep.

Two people, of two different sizes and different sleeping positions can lie restfully in the same bed as latex only compresses at the point of contact. This level of comfort can last for a long time, in fact you can expect a latex mattress to have at least twice the lifespan of conventional spring mattress.

Visit our bed centre

We highly recommend visiting our Liverpool Bed Centre. Here you will see the full range of beds and mattresses we have to test out. You can talk to our friendly and professional staff who are more than happy to answer questions and provide further information.

Take a look at our range of latex mattresses and visit our bed centre to make sure your next night’s sleep is blissful.

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