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Paul Antony Cot Mattresses

When choosing a cot-mattresses, comfort is clearly an important factor but there are other considerations too. there’s more to consider than you would for an older child.

Other than comfort- there are 3 other things to consider when choosing a cot mattress

Any parent will tell you how important it is for a baby to get a good night’s sleep. There are growth and development benefits to the child, but what about the benefit to the parents? A well-rested baby makes for an unbelievably happy parent!

1. Water repellent covers

You’ve put the nappy on correctly, checked and double checked, but accidents happen. Water repellent covers make cot mattress easy to clean, improving their lifespan and it means you and your baby can get back to sleep more quickly.

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2. Hypoallergenic

A baby’s skin is very sensitive to irritants so choosing a cot mattress with hypoallergenic properties allows your little one to sleep irritation-free.

3. Removable covers

If there has been an accident an easily removable and washable cover can make your life much easier. Cot mattresses can often be slept on without the cover so if it’s 3 in the morning you can just take the cover off, give the mattress a wipe, put baby back to bed and sort it out in the morning.

4. Breathable

Babies do most of their growing at night. It’s hard work and they can get hot and sweaty in the night. Cot mattresses are made from breathable materials that are great for regulating temperature.

5. Firm

Cot mattresses are often at least medium, if not, medium firm. Their bones are more supple and developing all the time. They need more support in line with their growing bodies

At Paul Antony Beds we carry a range of cot mattresses. Generally foam and pocket spring are most popular and we will have the right mattress to suit your budget and requirements.

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