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Choosing the right pillow for a comfortable night’s sleep

To choose the right pillow answer the following question. Do you prefer to sleep on your front, back or side?

There are a lot of pillows to choose from, so starting with your sleeping position is a great way to narrow down your choice. If you sleep on your front a soft, thin pillow is more suitable. If you sleep on your side a thicker, firm pillow makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep. For those who sleep on their back something in-between is the way to go.

Your head and neck need to be aligned to prevent your neck tilting when you are asleep.

Materials range from foam, fiberfill and down. There are organic pillows, pregnancy pillows, pillows to cure neck pain, snoring, and more.

By talking to our sleep experts at Paul Antony Beds we can help you choose the right pillow.

Call into our Liverpool Bed Centre, Call our team on 0151 4802203 or complete the enquiry form below:

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